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Once upon a time an Odessa Texas man had an idea during a bike race called The Hotter N' Hell Hundred (miles) held each August. His idea was to get to his water supply, amidst 10,000 participants, with out fear of being knocked over. The next year he came with his idea on his back. It was crude. Kind of a sock with safety pins and an I.V. bag (he was a paramedic), with a tube and a catheter. - Today over half of the participants at The Hotter N' Hell will be wearing CAMELBAK, and many more people are trying them out as we speak. Of course there are far more versions now, one for just about all sports, medical and military categories. And, as our President Roger Fawcett says, "We'll be bigger then Nike. Because not everyone needs sneakers - but everyone needs water!"


A Cut-A-Way CamelBak

Here's the inside scope why CamelBak is the coolest Hydration System around!

1. Large-capacity reservoir carries more fluid slosh-free for long or short hauls. And new polyurethane material is super-tough and taste-free. An elephant stepping on it couldn't even bust it.

2. Foam insulation keeps liquids cold or hot for hours. And hey, if you want to be real cool, add ice to your liquids through the filler cap.

3. CamelBak systems are made with breathable foam and mesh materials, which are insulated to keep you extra cool and comfortable. Plus, they're ergonomically designed to fit your body and not inhibit you movements.

4. Reflective label and new attachment for an LED blinker.

5. Standard on all products, the New Monster Flow Tubing allows for 50% more flow than before, and it's now detachable for easier cleaning and custom sizing.

6. New Patented Bite ValveTM Mouthpiece is a CamelBak exclusive that offers hands-free drinking without moving parts. Just bite down on the super-soft valve and drink. Stop biting and it seals up tight to always keep your water supply clean. New snug fit for greater security. And it's patented, so don't even think about it.

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